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Who am I to judge?

The World We Want, Part 3 of a sermon series by Pastor Johnny Hunt of Celebration Church in Fairhope, Alabama.

Pastor Johnny has been mentoring me the past few weeks through this sermon series on how I can be the person I want to be, create a culture of righteousness for my family and ultimately make my mark on the world around me. It begins with me taking personal inventory of the things about myself that need to change for the better. At the end of the day, what matters most is how we live our life in accordance with the example of the cross.

Taking inventory is about holding ourselves consistently accountable on a daily basis for how we live and what we say. What example do our words and actions set for others? Are we treating others the way we want to be treated? What were we tempted with this week and how did we fail? Often our biggest successes in life are the result of our greatest failures, provided that we take inventory of those situations and grow from the lessons that can be learned. Fail forward!

Creating the world we want can be achieved by learning to lead by example. Our standards are what allow us to lead and our standards must be rooted in our conviction to live a transformed life. How we live our life determines the fruit that will be produced and that fruit is the basis of how we will be recognized by others. The world we want will always be better served by tapping the brakes on our judgement of others and leading with compassion in a way that helps people find hope for their our salvation.

That said, we can make judgments about what we believe to be right and wrong in this life based on the word of God, we just shouldn’t do it hypocritically. Sometimes we can be so critical of others that we lose sight of our own dysfunction. Holding firm to a standard while having sin in our life, is not the path to the world we want. When we pass judgement on others, we make a point but we don’t make a difference.

When in doubt, often it is best to just shut up and serve!

Who am I to judge? Pastor Johnny Hunt of Celebration Church in Fairhope AL sermon series by Jason Will of Jason Will Real Estate 251-866-6464.