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USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park


The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park Mobile Alabama, a military history park and museum, lies on the western edge of Mobile Bay in Mobile, Alabama. As a whole, the park is listed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage.

Brief History

The USS Alabama was an important ship in World War II, helping Allied forces in both the Atlantic and Pacific war campaigns. She was retired to Puget Sound, Washington, in 1947, where she stayed until 1962, when the Navy announced plans to scrap her.

Two years later, a plan of action was launched by the residents of Alabama to bring her home. Money was raised not only through corporate fundraising, but also through the contributions in dimes, nickels, and quarters by Alabama schoolchildren to have her towed “home”.

The Park

In January 1965, the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park was opened to the public, honoring those who served the United States aboard her. A huge battleship at nearly 700 feet long, half the height of the Empire State Building, the Alabama was nicknamed the “Mighty A” because she never suffered a single casualty and only minor damage – because of this, some even refer to her as the “Lucky A”.

Also sequestered at the park is the USS Drum, a submarine with great success in World War II fighting. After being decommissioned in the late 1940s and spending the next two decades as part of the inactive fleet in Norfolk, Virginia, she was donated to the USS Alabama Memorial Park in April 1969, arriving about a month later. On Independence Day in 1969, the Drum was dedicated and opened to the public.

The park also features aircraft that flew in the several different eras of American military campaigns: World War II, the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, and the Cold War. Additionally, an expansive collection of tanks, tractors, gunboats, and Jeeps are on display.

Facility Rental

The Alabama is an ideal place for birthday celebrations, retirement parties, military ceremonies, and more. There are four locations inside the park for whatever your rental needs are:

  • Field – the “front yard”, a huge area in front of the ship is perfect for company picnics, sporting events, car shows, and more.
  • Wardroom – a distinctive indoor setting that can accommodate up to 150 guests, it is located on the main deck of the Alabama.
  • Fantail – a unique outdoor venue on the back deck of the battleship. Room to accommodate as many as 500 people to dine under the stars, dance in the Bay breezes, and delight in the open-air setting.
  • Aircraft Pavilion – an enormous 36,000 square feet of space for up to 1,200 people, who can dine or party amongst historic warplanes.

A unique park rental idea is the Scout Overnight Adventure. The overnight program for Scouts includes a tour of the Alabama, the Drum, the Aircraft Pavilion, and other displays in the park that averages about three hours. Groups will need to make their own food arrangements.

The park is open every day except Christmas Day 8:00 to 6:00 (April to September) and 8:00 to 5:00 the remaining six months. For further information, please see the web site (