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The Christian Call of Duty

Armor of God

Armor of God, Pastor Johnny Hunt Sermon Series Part 3

This morning we were called to “suit up for battle” and make the conscious decision to be spiritually led and not emotionally led by the daily turmoil of flesh and blood. We are in a battle against an enemy, whose strategy is to distract our focus, destroy our ability to love and to trust and to mortally wound our souls with earthly dysfunction and betrayal. This is our reality of war and life and death situations hang in the balance.

God has a strategy of success for us to follow, a one step process toward a transformation of thinking and living. It is for us to simply pick up the cross and follow him. Let all the transgressions of flesh and blood go, release it, for it is merely a distraction by design in our Spiritual Warfare. If your Armor of God is in place, there is nothing to fear. If we are firm in our faith, we can resist any evil. The armor is the truth of our ability to harness the spiritual power of faith. It is from our faith that we can harness the strength to stand, even when it feels that we can stand no more. This truth is the fortification of the Gospel of Peace. Find peace in the promise of victory.

If you truly buy into the Power of the Holy Spirit, you will be secure in battle and cannot be overcome in your faithful stand. Take up the shield against temptation, find hope in the helmet of salvation and wield the sword of the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is our offense and defense, it prepares us for the times when we must throw a punch and counsels us in times when we must turn the other cheek.

There is a warrior within in us all with the wisdom to conduct ourselves in the fields of battle and a value system that embodies the cross we carry. Our true burden is not found in the hunger of poverty, the pain of abandonment or the tragedy of loss but rather the fortitude necessary to commit to the true responsibilities of a Soldier of God. If you don’t suit up, you risk selling out to the enemy.

Pastor Johnny Hunt has called us to suit up and carry out our corporate mission of faith, to sound the alarm in the ears of everyone under the sound of our voice to answer the Alter Call, a call of duty to live to make a difference, to serve with your whole heart, to show others how to win and leave behind a legacy for others to follow to victory.

The Christian Call of Duty is a summary of Part 3 of Pastor Johnny Hunt’s sermon series, Armor of God at Celebration Church in Fairhope, AL.

Pastor Johnny Hunt