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Real Estate Marketing

Jason Will Market It!

Jason’s mission is to define real estate reality for his sellers, as it relates to The Market of Today and importance of leveraging the Wow Factor. He empowers his clients with credible market data and seeks a true partnership, where both agent and seller are invested in the process and working toward the common goal of selling the home in shortest time period possible and for the most net dollars.

There are two key components to the 90 Day Guaranteed Sale: Price & Condition. After 90 days the chance of selling can fall as low as 1%, unless there is a dramatic change in either price or condition. Jason often compares real estate marketing to “A price war and a beauty contest all rolled into one!”

80% of home buyer motivation is pricing and you are either “on” the market or “in” the market. Overpricing can cost his sellers precious momentum during the first few weeks of the listing process, thus Jason prices his listings to sell, not to sit!

In terms of condition, Jason believes that the Window of Opportunity begins at curb and extends to the closets. Pottery Barn Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for real estate with Wow Factors, yet in order to capture the attention of these coveted home buyers and command a premium price, the property can’t look like work! Thus, Jason strives to create the ultimate showing experience by creating living spaces that look good, smell good and feel good.

The 3 P’s of the average agent are to place a sign in the yard, place the listing in the MLS and then to pray for a buyer, where as Jason is dedicated to providing a higher level of service via:

  • Proper Pricing
  • Purposeful Preparation
  • Premium Promotion

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