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Marriage and Family Christian Counseling

The World You Want, Sermon Series Part 4: This morning Pastor Johnny Hunt preached to us about creating the world we want as it relates to keeping our marriages strong and raising our children to become responsible adults, who model their lives after the example of the cross.

Both marriage and parenting must have a strong foundation in deep and unconditional love. First, let us be clear in how we define love, for it is not a spontaneous emotion that we follow blindly but rather a choice we make to enter into a life long covenant, a mutual commitment to be pursued, protected and honored until we take our last breath.

The foundation of our most important relationships in life must be fortified by the authenticity of the meaning behind our words and motives of our actions. Life will happen, storms will come and winds will blow with the intent to test the roots of our foundations. These tests will determine in an instant, whether or not our foundations rest on solid rock or a shallow footing in the sand.

Our children will learn from the example we choose to set for them. The correct choice is to teach them by the way we serve and honor one another as spouses, neighbors and Christians. Our priority as parents is to transfer our children’s dependence upon us, to a dependence on the grace of Jesus.

What I have been hearing Pastor affirm throughout this series, is that the world we want is a matter of choice, not emotion. The pursuit of happiness, the fulfillment of physical pleasure and the joy from material possessions is only a temporary fix in creating the world we want. Be mindful always that we reap what we sow. What we harvest in this life, is a direct result of the seeds we sow. As spouses and parents we must not invest our passion in our careers and our hobbies but rather where it counts the most. Our hunger and desperation in life should always be dedicated to family.

At the end of the day, we can’t force the good things we desire for our marriages and our children. We attract success in these two pillars of our existence by creating an appetite for purpose in those we love through the grace and thoughtfulness in our every intention. We make conscious, principled decisions to love, honor and cherish all the many blessings we have been given. This is the plan that God has for our lives. All we have to do is choose wisely and the world we want is ours.

Marriage and Family Christian Counseling – The World You Want Sermon Series Summary by Jason Will of Jason Will Real Estate 251-866-6464.