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Living a Spirit Filled Life

The Final Installment of The World You Want, a Pastor Johnny N April Hunt Sermon Series: It was a powerful morning, as always, at our Fairhope Church! This series has been about establishing the stark contrasts between the Theology of a Culture of Happiness and the Theology of Christ, as it relates to The World We Want.

The cool thing is that you don’t have to be a believer in Christ to recognize the differences in the lives of those who buy into the Theology of Happiness versus the Theology of Christ. The Theology of Happiness is warped due to the temporary nature of the fruit this lifestyle produces, as opposed to the eternal grace and prosperity found in the Theology of Christ. At the end of the day, when you model your life after the example of the cross, what do you really have to lose by becoming a better person, a better co-worker, a better spouse and a better parent?

This morning Pastor wanted us to focus on the influence living a Spirit Filled Life has on creating The World We Want. The foundation for living a Spirit Filled Life rests on the choice to live biblically, not culturally. Your journey in this world becomes a Faith Walk, even as every season of life brings with it a new level of challenge. The World We Want is a Mission Field ready for harvest, yet we must act in such a way that we empower others through our lifestyle.

Where do we find the strength to become an effective witness in our world? For believers, the answer is clearly the Holy Spirit, for Jesus went up, the Holy Spirit came down and The Word went out among the people to the edges of the earth.

The Holy Spirit gives us the power to live a life worth following, not for the purposes of making a point but rather to make a difference in the world around us by articulating a life changing message, so powerful that it can penetrate the hardest of hearts. The task for the saved is to leave a shadow upon the people, so righteous that those in need of salvation will seek you out for the wisdom you posses and you will meet the spiritual void of the less fortunate with a grace that is eternal, from a source that is higher than this world.

For non-believers, I think it is a question of mindset and a matter of choice as it relates to the undeniable distinction of the human race from every other species, Free Will. Take a look at the principles of Newton’s Third Law: A force is a push or a pull that acts upon an object as a results of its interaction with another object. Forces in life are the direct result from interactions! How you choose to interact with the world around you will determine the fruit from the harvest. The World We Want is The Harvest and The Harvest is in direct correlation to our lifestyle.

The best news The Lost can ever receive is that their past history as a broken individual is NOT their heritage. Our true heritage is the Grace that can be found in the Message of The Cross. All we have to do to be washed new, to be restored, to move from the shallow to the deep, to find answers to our soul searching questions, to be positioned for the true harvest we were born to see, is Confess, Surrender, Forgive and become an Effective Witness by living a Spirit Filled Life.

At the end of the day the power is there for the taking, all we have to do is decide to plug in!

Living a Spirit Filled Life – The Final Installment of The World You Want, a Pastor Johnny N April Hunt Sermon Series Summary by Jason Will of Jason Will Real Estate 251-866-6464.