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Historic Fort Gaines Dauphin Island Alabama

Historic Fort Gaines Dauphin Island Alabama, is best known for its participation in the Battle of the Bay during the Civil War. Completed in 1861, the fort has withstood the elements but is recently receiving recognition for being an endangered historical site due to the erosion of the land. Allow yourself to be transported back in time with this whimsical self-guided tour through a little piece of Alabama’s history. The fort still contains cannons that were used during the Civil War along with original vaulted brick ceilings. The fort was named for the very young yet respected General Edmund Pendleton Gaines who was famous for capturing the vice president Aaron Burr who was wanted for conspiracy to commit treason.

The fort was modified several times over the years due to needs of different wars including WWII, where it was a camp base for the National Guard. In 1926, the United States sold the fort to the City of Mobile and it was then converted into a historical land site and park. There are many features to the fort that are still original including many of the structures, cannons, and staircases. One interesting feature of the fort is the massive anchor placed on the grounds that belong to the USS Hartford. There are also five original pre Civil War brick buildings in the exterior court. You can also stop by the restored Blacksmith’s Shop or the Kitchen where the soldiers received their daily meals.

You don’t want to miss out the wonderful historical site of Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island. For more information on Dauphin Island’s tourist attractions or Dauphin Island real estate sales, please call the Jason Will Real Estate Team at 251-866-6464.