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Helping South Alabama Home Sellers via Radio Waves

I had another great “Ask the Experts” show with Uncle Henry yesterday. He is such a pro and makes you feel really relaxed in front of a live radio audience. I get especially nervous when we have callers direct questions my way about real estate, because I don’t know what they are going to ask me, yet I also want to make sure I can deliver an answer that is going to be helpful. I think we accomplished that a few times yesterday on air and I was grateful that I could help a few folks in need.

The two things I wanted those callers to take away from my advice, was #1 Price Overcomes ALL Buyer Objections and #2 The Best $350 Dollars a Seller Can Spend is on a NEW Appraisal. If you are trying to sell a home in a subdivision without a functional HOA and your neighbors are letting their grass grow tall and parking their vehicles in the yard, then you are narrowing your prospective buyer pool down to a select group of people who can’t stand deed restrictions and a lot of the time, these buyers are going to have a more competitive price point. You are going to have to decide to say put, give the home back to the bank, rent it or lower the price to a level that begins to make the phone ring with showing requests. If you are going to stay the course with a fierce determination to find a buyer for your home, then you MUST make sure that it looks better, feels better and smells better than all the rest!

In regards to a NEW appraisal, this document needs to be so new that it still has that new appraisal smell! Our caller was working with an appraisal that was over 5 months old and that can be a mistake, especially in a market where prices in some sectors are either still correcting downward or have reached a stagnant plateau. You see, just because prices may have bottomed out, that does not mean the the entire active inventory of homes for sale has corrected to meet the current fair market value. Thus, is some areas sales comparables may still be trending downward each month and only a most recent appraisal is going to open your eyes to the current reality of the pricing in your specific area.

If you have any questions about this weeks “Ask the Experts” show with Jason Will on 710am WNTM radio, please feel free to contact the Jason Will Real Estate Team office at 251-866-6464 or send Jason an email to