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Pleasant Grove City

Pleasant Grove City

Pleasant Grove, Alabama, is part of the western Jefferson County and Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan area. This north-central Alabama, mid-sized city offers residents a wonderful place to live and settle long-term. The city of Pleasant Grove was not fully established until 1937. Due to low water supply and ruins of coal mines that got in the way of proper water flow, this city was faced with the need of a government-funded program to be able to continue to rebuild local water systems. In order for the program to work, the land was established into a city. Today, the city is known as “A Diamond in the Rough” and flourishes with that of many real estate developers who make southern living possible. 

Growing Grove City Living

Pleasant Grove’s economy shows a continued positive job growth rate leading to more job opportunities in various industries. In the real estate business, employment is held at 8.6 percent. Agents are able to hold their licenses and continue to serve the Jefferson County community while reaching clientele throughout properties in the Birmingham area. The cost of living in Pleasant Grove is lower than that of the U.S. average making it a profitable seller’s and buyer’s market. Residents enjoy the four seasons in the city as the climate pattern tends to stay the same. However, the most enjoyable season for many rolls around springtime between April and May. City park events are held to the public with many athletic and outdoor programs. 

Real Estate and Housing Market Pros

The population of Pleasant Grove is set to continue to grow within the next decade. Amongst the population, married couples and families make up the majority of it. The real estate market including the Jason Will Real Estate Team brings plenty of single-family homes available for purchase. As far as home appreciation, there is a positive home value increase that is known to occur allowing property owners to make a profit once they sell their home. This leaves room for Alabama’s real estate agents at the Jason Will Real Estate Team to take the lead on the best price match for potential buyers. There are many pros to buying or selling a property in the city of Pleasant Grove. Housing units show records of continued steady high-rates for owner-occupied properties making any investment profitable. The marketing campaigns, hiring listing and buyers agents, contracts/disclosures, HOA policies, plus much more are all done for you thanks to the JWRE team of experts. 

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