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Helena Real Estate Helena Real Estate Guide

Helena, Alabama, is a suburb located just 30 minutes from downtown Birmingham. Helena was incorporated in 1877, then reincorporated in 1917. The city was once a thriving center of steel production and coal mining prior to the 1930s. In 1933 a tornado ripped through the heart of Helena leaving the city devastated. Since then, the City of Helena has been building its way back up with rapid but controlled growth throughout the city.

Helena remained small and mostly rural into the late 20th century. Since then numerous residential and commercial developments have taken place in Helena and the economy has broadened. The population of Helena has grown substantially over the last 100 years, going from around 800 in 1920 to over 20,000 in 2021. The population of Helena makes it the 32nd largest city in Alabama and 1,806th largest in the United States. The growing rate is about 1.75% annually. 

The pace at which the city has grown has allowed Helena to maintain it’s small town charms while still providing residents and visitors with the resources necessary to live full, rich lives. Being part of the greater Birmingham area, the city and surrounding areas offer many of the conveniences of a much larger metropolitan area while still maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere where people can feel comfortable raising their children. Helena has been listed on the Best Places to Live: Top 100 list and has long been regarded as one of the best places to raise a family. This is partially due to it’s extremely low crime rate, which is the 8th lowest in the entire country. 

A majority of Helena’s residents are college educated families who own their homes. For those who want to become residents of Helena, or who are looking to upgrade or even purchase their very first home, there are lots of options to choose from in this city. With an abundance of well kept, single family homes on the market, as well as new builds coming available on a regular basis, house hunters are bound to find the right fit for their family in Helena. 

Those looking for work in Helena will have a variety of options. There are many professional, service and manufacturing jobs, and because of the short commute, a number of residents work in Birmingham or other cities in the area while living in Helena. Local well known industries that provide many jobs include the Vulcan Materials Company and the Plantation Pipeline. Additionally, new businesses are coming to Helena on a regular basis creating more jobs and boosting the local economy. In 2019 a business development plan was approved to bring in a variety of new businesses including Chick-fil-A, Freddy’s, Dunkin’, Papa Murphy’s and more. Helena is also home to many small, medium and large locally run businesses in a variety of industries. 

While Helena continues to grow, the residents and city officials want to ensure that Helena retains its historical significance and natural beauty. The Helena Historical Preservation Committee strives to help Helena move forward while not losing sight of where it came from. Additionally the Helena Beautification Board helps the city improve its overall beauty and appeal as well as the livability of the town.