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First Wednesday Service at Celebration Church Fairhope AL

First Wednesday Service at Celebration Church Fairhope AL, Pastor Johnny Hunt’s Sermon Summary: It was a very impassioned message this evening, yet a very simple one, that I think can truly change the lives of anyone dealing with guilt from sin, lost in depths of depression or encumbered by the walls of dysfunction.

Our decisions can determine our destiny, yet it is left to us to choose to remain in the shackles of darkness or to seek freedom in the light. As long as we have air in our lungs, we can find hope through our ability to choose. No matter how deep the hole, the decision to remain or to climb out is yours. These are the “gate moments” in our life, where we can remain confined or pass through the gate and leave it behind. Once you make this realization, there can be no excuses holding us back in life, only hope for what the future can hold. There are three disciplines that we can adopt to help us take the first steps towards a positive transformation and remain on the path: Vision, Thoughts & Habits.

Vision – Stop living in frustration for where you are and create a vision in your mind of where you want to be. The key to turning your vision into reality is setting goals, as dreams without goals can quickly turn into tomorrows disappointments.

Thoughts – Our lives will always move in the direction of our thoughts, as the way we think becomes the way we live. If we can think it, we can do it. Our thoughts also become our words and like a flock of doves, once we let them out, we can’t never pull them back in. Remember, that we never have to take back something that we didn’t say! If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say it at all. Life taking words can crush the human spirit, where as life giving words are a blessing. We should not only encourage others with our words, we should encourage ourselves with positive affirmations of who we want to be and what we want to accomplish.

Habits – We must train our brains to choose what we want most in life, over what we want now. Developing habits will give us the discipline necessary to be effective in life and live with purpose, even when nobody else is looking.

If we truly believe in the gift of Free Will, then the ability to choose a different reality for ourselves should be all the motivation we need to run with purpose toward making a difference.

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