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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Finds in Fairhope

If your looking for last minute stocking stuffer ideas, there’s hope to be found in Downtown Fairhope.
I thought it might be fun to showcase a handful of stores with unique gift options, especially for those of us at loss for what to get for those we love. It took less than two hours of research for me to be able to say to you with confidence: “Look no further than our downtown shops for unique finds, that are both memorable, fun, and functional.”
I had a good time with this project. What turned out to be Saturday afternoon experiment for fresh blog content, may just turn into an annual Christmas tradition publication. In fact, if you’re a shop owner downtown and you come across this blog, please reach out to me, as I want to feature your business right away.
Give the Gift of Alkaline:
Peak Alkalinity’s Pod2Go packs would be the perfect stocking stuffer for your health conscious loved ones on your Christmas list. The 3-pack box of Pod2Go will treat 8, 8oz bottles of water. Drinking alkaline water provides the following benefits: increased oxygen levels, improved energy, boosted metabolism, rejuvenated skin, reduced acid reflux, and strengthening of the immune system.
Peak Alkalinity Fairhope
Give the Gift of Fitness Accountability:
Running Wild has a large selection of running socks, a vast inventory of energy boosting snacks, and some wearable safety lights for exercising in low light hours. All of the above would make ideal stocking stuffers for your active loves ones. Yet, if you’re looking for a more primary gift idea, I would recommend checking out one of their Garmin watches. These amazing devices have a wide array of features, to include: step counting, fitness tracking, GPS, and heart rate monitoring.
Running Wild Fairhope AL
Give the Gift of Bling on a Budget:
A trip to Brenny’s Jewelry is Christmas tradition in my family. I love to wonder in aimlessly and let their amazing sales staff sell me on a rare find that will make my wife feel special. If you want to get your babe a super sparkly ring, bracelet, or necklace and your on more of Brenny’s Too budget, not to worry Lafonn has you covered. Lafonn creates well-made works of art that your queen will be proud to wear everyday. I speak from experience, as Diana loves her ring and wears it without worry of damage, loss, or theft.
Brenny's Jewelry Fairhope AL
Give the Gift of Flight:
By all means order the toys, electronics and games on your children’s list from Amazon, but when it comes to their stocking add the element of adventure with a trip downtown to Fantasy Island. You can find your kiddos something super unique at Fairhope’s family-owned toy store, a downtown staple for over 40-years. The store is packed from end to end with neat little finds, making it just as much to fun to shop, as it is to give. Short on time and just want to grab and go some awesomeness? Make a pass around the check-out area in the center of the store. Nearby the register you’ll find an assortment of slap watches, as well as my personal favorite, the “Coolest Drone on Earth!” The Space Cadet drone requires no extensive flight prep or complicated controls. You just toss it up in the air to fly and control its flight pattern with wave of the hand.
Fantasy Island Toys Fairhope
Fairhope Toy Store
Give the Gift of Menagerie:
Poppins Gift Boutique is a stocking stuffer treasure trove. You’ll no doubt have just as hard of time picking at the rarest find in the store, as I did. That said, you can’t go wrong with one of their 3 “Fairhope” t-shirt designs. Pro Tip: Any thing with the word “Fairhope” on it is a win. The one featured below in the middle of the frame is my fav.
Give the Gift of Scent:
The Fairhope Soap Company is full of locally made scented products, from soap to beard oil. They have some really cool, traditional wet shave gift options and their aftershave cream offers the cool breeze of menthol across your face. I love the soap. You can get any 4 soaps for just $24. My favorite is the limited addition “Tis the Season” due to how perfectly the owner and chemist was able to capture the signature aroma of the holiday season.
Fairhope Soap Company
I hope you find this article helpful in your search of thoughtful gifts to fill this year’s stockings. If you do, I hope you will share it. If you’ve made it this far and your not inspired, just head downtown. I am confident you’ll leave with bags of gift wrapped goodies, as well as a story or two to tell around the tree on Christmas morning.