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Celebration Church Fairhope

For me, this series has been about understanding that we are all part of the same predestined plan or “Born Identity.” It is an assignment given by him to us all. Therefore, there can be no division by race, color or gender, nor competition for his favor among religions, as we were all designed to reach great heights together, not separately. The physical structures are meant to hold up the tent, they serve a purpose but the gospel is meant to reside inherently in the hearts and minds of the people. The Church is not a building, it is a people, unified by brokenness, weakness and sin. There in lies the true nature of our equality in his eyes. So, when we bring his gospel to the marketplace, we must use that platform to save, not to condemn.

We the people are not a means to an end but rather the means altogether. The identity of the Church is found among us, who have been called to be “Kingdom Minded,” to surrender to his title, to live through his example and to shoulder the holiness of his word. Our identity is the best representation of his word, thus we must strive to consistently an persistently wake up ready to live our common purpose. Live your purpose, embrace your calling and be known always for taking a stand for his love.

Celebration Church Fairhope sermon summary by Jason Will of Jason Will Real Estate 251-866-6464.