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Celebration Church Fairhope AL – Born Identity Part 1

Born Identity Series, Part 1: We are born into a broken identity and often grow accustomed to masking our insecurities behind material possessions and the superficial personality of our own versions of success. Our identity crisis grows as we strive to live in the comparison of others and in the celebration of our jealousy. In time our strength becomes rooted in the lies we tell ourselves about who we are and what is important in life. These lies keep the mask pressed firmly against our face, where the light of his grace can’t touch us. Our true identity can be found in the company of those who force us to be authentic. Surrender yourself only to the pressure to be an original, to remove the mask and reveal the true identity of his masterpiece.

Celebration Church Fairhope AL and Pastor Johnny Hunt 7-19-15 sermon summary by Jason Will of Jason Will Real Estate, LLC 251-866-6464.