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Why Call Bin There Dump That Mobile AL?

Bin There Dump That Mobile
Chandi McMillan‘s passion for your junk is infectious!
Chandi was not looking to invest in a franchise. She simply needed a service provider that did not yet exist on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Having just relocated to Fairhope from Indiana, she recognized her need to dispose of some of the excess stuff, that was now cluttering her new home. She did a Google search for the local “Bin There Dump That” dumpster rental company and all she could find was a handful of companies that only offered very large disposal containers. She had a problem that no local company could solve and in that instant, she found her niche.
Having been a repeat and very satisfied customer of Bin There Dump That back in Indiana, Chandi believed strongly in their business model. Combine that personal experience with her professional work history over the last 7 years as a CFO for a multi-million dollar company and you’ve got a recipe for success.
Chandi officially acquired the Mobile County, Alabama and Baldwin County, Alabama territories for Bin There Dump That in August of 2018 and was open for business in October. They began operations with 1 truck and 24 dumpsters and have since added a second truck and 23 additional dumpsters. That’s pretty impressive growth for their first 9-months in business!
So, in addition to Chandi having a strong financial mind and being a servant-hearted leader, what’s the secret sauce behind the rapid rise of this franchise? The dumpster space seems pretty competitive with some well established local brands, right? Chandi explains that the service she provides is unique, as her avatar is more of a residential customer, as opposed to a commercial one. If you need a 40-foot container for construction waste, she may not be your girl. In fact, Bin There Dump That is known as “The residential friendly dumpster company.”
Chandi’s dumpsters are designed to take up about as much space as one typical parking spot in your driveway, making her containers far more convenient for residential home disposal and condo renovation jobs. Her company also offers driveway protection and clean-up, as well as guaranteed delivery in 24-hours. I think it’s also important to note that Bin There Dump That Mobile Dumpster Rentals also takes great pride in delivering clean dumpsters in pristine condition.
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