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The Heritage Home of Fairhope

Fairhope Luxury Home

*This property has sold. That said if you’re relocating to the Fairhope area, there’s lots of useful insight contained in the content below.

The story behind Grace Manor:

“When we lived in Florida, Scott helped take care of a 94 year old blind neighbor who insisted on living alone as long as she could.  After we moved he would call her every week for long talks and describe the house and area to her in great detail. His words were her eyes. When describing how wonderful this place is, she told him it needed a name and suggested Grace Manor.  Since we both felt that it is only by the grace of God that we live here, and Grace Lake is located just north of us, it fit perfectly.” – Karen, Our Seller 

The feeling of calmness, grace and beauty just wowed me. We knew it needed a lot of work, but could tell it was a diamond in the rough. It was obvious that this was heritage homestead, something to be enjoyed generation after generation. I met one of the neighbors on our first showing and that pretty much sealed the deal. Absolutely the best neighbors ever, I could never have found a better neighborhood than this. This estate lacked nothing, just needed a facelift.

As you approach this majestic Fairhope horse property heading south on County Road 13, you’ll be welcomed by an overwhelming feeling of calmness, grace, and beauty. This is a heritage homestead, something to be enjoyed from generation to generation. Picture a property where kids learn the value of a hard day’s work, giving way to the spoils of a refreshing swim or the freedom of riding horseback along the fence line. A home that opens its doors to neighbors for football rivalries and campfire s’mores. This is not just a house, this is a lifestyle.
Read below in the words of our graciously authentic seller:
In your opinion, what are the best features of your amazing home?
  • Ease of living. The way this house is set up everyone can have their own space. But, it is warm and cozy enough not to feel too big. And the gathering rooms are generous enough for everybody.
  • Sunrise and sunsets. Mornings the sun rises over the cotton field across the street and through the pecan trees. It is almost mystical. The sunsets are spectacular with red and orange reflecting off the lake behind the house, we essentially get a double sunset.
  • Neighbors. I can’t say enough about how great everyone is. I have never encountered, or even heard of, an area with zero conflict, such thoughtful and caring neighbors and absolutely nothing negative to mention.
  • The barn and pastures. My horses have never been as healthy, safe and happy as here.
  • The kitchen is a cook’s dream. We have prepared food to entertain 100+ people with no problems. I love the 6 burner gas range!
  • The outdoor kitchen. With the power-vented ceiling above grill, huge counter with sink, and its own hot water heater, it is a mainstay most of the year.
  • The garage and workshop are awesome, especially if you like to tinker. The insulation makes it nice even in the hottest and coldest weather. The ginormous area above the garage is great for storing things out of the way. And, the half bath is super convenient. We spend as much time on the garage porch as the pool are.
  • Both master bathrooms are to die for, and the Jacuzzi brand tub is wonderful after a day with the horses.
  • The front porch and balcony. I love looking over the fields and watching the birds, fox-squirrels and horses. It is the true definition of relaxed southern grace.
When you’re home, where do you spend most of your time?
Needless to say the kitchen is the big one, everyone likes to hang around and steal tastes behind my back. But that said, most of our time is actually spread out between all the activities we do here on the property. I love being in the barn or at the wash rack with the horses. Hubby loves puttering around in the workshop. The kids love the pool and front balcony. Everyone kind of has their own thing.
What are your favorite local shops?
I also love the little shops around Fairhope. “The Garage” in Point Clear has wonderful (often handmade) gift items. Punta Clara Kitchen is a favorite with visiting friends and relatives, you can never have too much chocolate. Love the author’s nights at the Page & Pallet. Basically everything in Downtown Fairhope is fun and the food is great.
What will you miss most about life here?
I love the house, it is so nice and so versatile. I truly don’t think I will ever find another house as well suited for our family as this. The property is perfect for a family of all ages. The downstairs master bath is handicapped accessible. My horses will never have it so good again. And, it makes me cry to think about leaving these neighbors, they are so wonderful. Just really good, kind, honest, giving people. I don’t expect to ever find a neighborhood where everyone is like that again. And, the general area is so beautiful. The people are so nice, still have manners and are courteous. I will miss the seafood terribly, and the beauty of the beach, Fairhope pier, and seeing the USS Alabama and Mobile all lit up at night. No one does Mardi Gras like south Alabama, that will be a total loss. In general, I will miss the warm and cordial residents of this beautiful area.
If you don’t mind me asking, why have you decided to sell your home?
Unfortunately I have a genetic defect on my MST1R chromosome that makes my lungs susceptible to a non-communicable bacteria which thrives in humid climates. I have to move to an arid, desert climate. It distresses me to leave such a wonderful place for a sandbox, but is necessary for my health.
For more information, pictures and virtual tour, follow this link – Fairhope Horse Property. Private tours can be scheduled by calling 251-929-4444.

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