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Smith Lake Property For Sale By Owner

Smith Lake Property For Sale By Owner

Embark on an inspiring journey with us as we uncover the story of a unique lakefront property for sale on Lewis Smith Lake. This blog post will explore the serendipitous discovery, the creative vision behind its rustic design, and the versatile lifestyle it offers.

The Unexpected Beginning Our story begins with a lost opportunity — a missed property purchase that seemed like a setback but was actually a stroke of fate. Learn how a chance meeting at church opened the door to a hidden gem on the opposite side of Smith Lake, setting the stage for something extraordinary.

Vision and Design The homeowner’s vision was clear: to create a home that seamlessly blends with nature. Delve into the design process of this lodge-style home, with its all-wood interiors, expansive porches, and design elements that evoke an organic, evolved feel.

A Home for All Seasons This four-suite home is more than just a residence; it’s a private lake retreat. Each suite, complete with its bath and sitting area, offers privacy while connecting to a central living space, ideal for family gatherings or corporate retreats.

Embracing Nature and Versatility Discover how this 36 acre property offers a myriad of outdoor activities, from ATV trails to hunting, and learn about the unique aspects of its private lake. The property’s location near Trident Marina adds a layer of water sports excitement.

Modern Amenities in a Rustic Setting While the property exudes a timeless, rustic charm, it doesn’t skimp on modern conveniences. Explore how high-speed internet and proximity to urban centers make this property an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between rustic retreat and modern living.

A Legacy of Stewardship Dive into the philosophy of stewardship that guided the creation and maintenance of this property, and how a portion of it contributes to global impacts through a faith-based organization, known as CRU.

A Unique Opportunity Envision owning a piece of this versatile, all-seasons paradise. Highlight the property’s appeal to diverse interests, from serene isolation to active community engagement, making it a unique opportunity in today’s lake home real estate market.

Interested in learning more about this Smith Lake property for sale by owner or similar real estate opportunities? Contact me, Jason Will Broker/Owner of JWRE, for detailed insights at 251-583-9728 via call or text.

*This is a FSBO listing. JWRE has no formal representation agreement with this seller.

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