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Silverock Cove Crane Hill AL

Discover Silverock Cove in Crane Hill AL

Zillow Listing – 269 Waterdog Drive

Silverock Cove in Crane Hill AL is one of Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama most sought after waterfront developments. It has a boat dry storage facility on site and they’ll launch it and then store it for you as needed. There are lakefront fire pits everywhere, making it an ideal fall spot for your Saturday football festivities.

Call or text Jason Will, Broker/Owner of JWRE at 251-583-9728 to schedule a guided tour of this luxurious gated community!

Here’s some added motivation for investing in a lake home:

Scenic Beauty: Lakeside communities often offer breathtaking views of the water, serene landscapes, and beautiful sunsets. Buyers are drawn to these locations for the natural beauty they provide.

Waterfront Living: Living on Smith Lake provides residents with direct access to various water activities, such as swimming, boating, fishing, and paddle-boarding. Buyers who love water sports and recreational activities are typically interested in such communities.

Peaceful Environment: This lakeside community often offer a tranquil and peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This appeals to buyers looking for a peaceful retreat or a second home.

Close-Knit Community: This is an ideal location for folks from out of the area to foster a sense of community among residents. Buyers looking for a tight-knit, friendly neighborhood will find Silverock very appealing.

Investment Potential: Lakeside properties can be attractive investments, as they tend to hold their value well over time. Additionally, they can be rented out as vacation homes, providing potential rental income.

Relaxation and Recreation: Lakeside living offers a unique blend of relaxation and recreation. It’s an ideal location for unwinding after a long day and enjoying weekends with family and friends.

Wildlife and Nature: Lakeside properties often provide opportunities for bird-watching, observing wildlife, and enjoying the natural surroundings. Buyers who appreciate nature may be drawn to this community. This area of Crane Hill, Alabama has been known to produce Bald Eagle sightings on the regular.

Proximity to Local Amenities: While lakeside communities offer a tranquil setting, they are often conveniently located near towns or cities that provide essential amenities like shopping, dining, and healthcare. You’ll find everything you need in Cullman.

Resale Value: Lakeside properties tend to hold their value well, and in some cases, they appreciate over time. Buyers may consider these properties as long-term investments.

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