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Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn Company

Podcast Name: Magic City Business
Episode: Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn Company

In this episode, Jason and Blake are joined by Tanesha Sims-Summers, owner of Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn Company. Listen via the link below as they talk about her journey to entrepreneurship and the creation of her business.

The episode begins with Tanesha speaking about her company, Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn Company, and what it stands for. The name represents being able to indulge in a guilt free tasty treat that is sourced from quality products. She goes on to share about the passion for creating community that helped inspire her journey to creating her own business. Tanesha points out different aspects that helped this passion grow such as her upbringing and the impact that her own community had on her. Keeping community at the center of her business has helped her set clear goals that remained strong through challenges. Having a mindset of faith and growth has also helped her in her journey and in keeping her focused even when the path of entrepreneurship was not easy.

Next, the host then asks Tanesha to share about her jump from the corporate world to the world of entrepreneurship. After getting pregnant and going on maternity leave, Tanesha shares how she was able to reflect on her life and felt called to start a new journey of starting her kettle corn business. This originally began as a side project as she went back to work at her previous job. However, after getting pregnant again and going through another period of reflection, she decided to make her business her full time job. She shares how she now sees her work as a way to connect to and serve others. Switching from the corporate world to creating her own business was not easy, but she points out how the Lord has provided for her business. She also shares the importance of seeing what counts in life and giving your resources and time to that.

Next, Jason, Blake, and Tanesha begin discussing the growth she has seen in her business and herself as well as handling expenses. Even throughout the struggles she has faced, Tanesha shares the blessings she has received through the growth present in both herself and the business. Throughout her time as a business owner, Tanesha has played several different roles and has grown from each new one. Additionally, she also goes on to share about the star of her business: kettle corn. They are known for their unique and diverse flavors with the most popular one being the Birmingham flavor, a mix of cinnamon and cheddar. She shares about her love for both the kettle corn as well as her customers and the culture of her business.

The episode concludes with Tanesha sharing about her desire to promote other small businesses and support her community through partnering with others. One of the biggest ways she has done this is through partnering with local businesses to source their unique kettle corn flavors. Through partnering with others, Tanesha shares how they have been able to highlight other local businesses as well as show creativity and diversity in their own products. She closes by sharing about the different ways to order from them along with special catering services they offer.

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