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Must See Homes with Land For Sale Fairhope AL!

I typically don’t start out my blogs with a sense of urgency, yet we have been getting a ton of activity on this new listing for sale in Fairhope, so if you want a shot at the winning bid, I would simply say that if you take the time to sleep on it, you probably ain’t gonna be sleeping in it!

So what is all the fuss about?  First, any nice home that also includes attractive acreage is going to be a hot listing right out of the gate and it doesn’t hurt for the listing to show beautifully and to be priced right.  Our new listing at 18995 Highland Drive is the epitome of sought after real estate for sale in Fairhope and our marketing efforts are making sure that this exquisite estate finds it way to onto the computers of our ideal active homebuyers.

For added insight into the life on Highland Drive, I would like to enlist the help of the most qualified salesperson for this particular piece of property, our gracious seller.  She has taken the time to provide some very detailed answers to questions inquiring buying minds always want to know.  I have provided the details of our conversation below and if you have any questions at all or would like to schedule a private tour of the residence, please call the sales office of the Jason Will Real Estate Team at 251-866-6464.

JWRE: “What sold you on this home?”

Seller: “We bought this home because it was built by the original owner, so we knew it was well cared for. We were tired of the slap together jobs of new construction homes we were touring in the Fairhope area & being confined in a subdivision just wasn’t all that appealing to us. We like our space and privacy too much! The house had such great potential & we were excited about such a large scale home renovation opportunity. We love being in the country, yet we are only 5 min to Wal-mart and 10 minutes to Downtown Fairhope.” 

JWRE: “Were schools a factor in the purchase?”

Seller: “Schools were very important because we have a daughter in high school and wanted the best for her. Fairhope schools rank among the best in Baldwin County and there are very compassionate people within the school system who go above and beyond for children here; whether it’s for education, sports, or family.  The Fairhope community has won our hearts and the people here take pride in looking out for one another.  I just love that!” 

JWRE: “What are your favorite aspects of the home?”

Seller: “Our favorite aspects….well, for one, we literally live outside! Our home is shaped in a way that makes the pool area the hub of the home. We have football parties at the pool! When the game is on, the adult guests are watching the outdoor television and the kids are playing in the pool! We have outdoor furniture, a bathroom and a large grill to accommodate all the entertaining needs of the new owners.”

JWRE: “In your opinion, what are the most attractive selling features of the home?”

Seller: “My husband raised the 8′ ceilings in the dining room to 12′ and he coffered it. It truly is stunning and his talent is well represented by the detailed craftsmanship. The living room and dining room combine for approximately 40′ of open living space. We installed hand-scraped hickory floors that are dramatic walnut in color & they flow nicely throughout the house. The home has a cottage like feel  and each room has its own unique wow factor. In other words, we brought it out of the 80’s and gave it that elegant Fairhope style, that buyer relocating to the area expect to find.”

JWRE: “Where to y’all spend the bulk of your time when you are at home?”

Seller: “We are in the pool A LOT or out on the deck. I have a love for cooking so the kitchen is one of my hot spots. With a gas cooktop, over 30 cupboards and significant counter space, it is the ideal kitchen for folks that like to cook. We renovated the kitchen as well with hardwood floors, new cabinet doors, new hardware and we built a new pantry with automatic lighting. The kitchen lighting has also been updated with energy efficient LED recessed lighting on a dimmer. The countertops are granite and and we also have a sink on the island. What else can I say, the kitchen is just plain fabulous!”

JWRE: “Are there any other improvements that you feel an interested buyer might want to be aware of?”

Seller: “We have installed some new insulation in the attic and rerouted the air ducts to make the systems more efficient. We have remodeled all rooms with paint, hardwood, smooth ceilings, lighting and some molding. We have updated bathroom fixtures in all three bathrooms. We are currently working on the atrium which boasts a rather large jacuzzi & 20′ ceilings. I also want to mention there are 2 master suites and 2 extra bedrooms, all with walk-in closets. We’ve also stained the sidewalks & the pool deck area and upgraded the landscaping. There are so many upgrades I loose track when I try to name them all!”

JWRE: “Where do you love to shop nearby?”

Seller: “I shop at Wal-mart for things I need immediately because it’s only 5 minutes away but I also shop at Piggly Wiggly & Winn Dixie which are 10 min away.  In town, I love to go to Tuesday Morning on 98 and I love all the boutiques and consignment shops downtown. We enjoy lunch at Panini Pete’s and Big Daddy’s on Fish River is right around the corner from us. The crab claws at Big Daddy’s are awesome!  We have easy access to  Highways 181, 98, and 59. Commuting to Mobile is never an issue as it takes about 30 to 45 min. We are also 30 minutes to Lulu’s.”

JWRE: “So what do y’all like to do on the weekends besides eat?!”

Seller: “We enjoy kayaking on the river and you can often find us at Big Daddy’s on Sundays but we go for the live music as much as we do the food! We also like to go down to the Fairhope pier and watch the brilliant sunsets over Mobile Bay. We also enjoy the privacy of this home and the peacefulness. Sometimes, It feels like I am at a resort and we are the only guests. Our neighbors are professionals and quiet. All we ever hear is the birds & an occasional cow mooing in the distance.”

JWRE: “Care to share your average utility costs with our cost conscious buyers out there?”

Seller: “Sure. When we first moved in, we exposed the attic during renovation. We ended up having a $500 electric bill. Since making the home more efficient, our bill stays in the $220 range, except in July and August when it can occasionally drift into $400 range. In winter, it remains pretty consistent in the $200 range.” 

JWRE: “Can you sum up for us why you are leaving and what you will miss most about life on Highland Drive?”

Seller: “I will miss the privacy and the fact that my doors can be left unlocked here. Everyone here looks out for each other and that is very comforting. This may sound like a simple example but we get farm eggs and home-grown watermelons down the street. We have the honor system here. We put $3 in a money can and take a watermelon. I’ll miss that. Good folks out here! Honestly, the house is just too big for a family of three. We have rooms we don’t even use. There’s never an issue here and my fear is regretting leaving this house and not being able to find something as wonderful as what we are blessed with here on Highland Drive, as you put it.”

JWRE: “Thank you for sharing this information with us.  It is really nice when our sellers talk so openly and honestly about their personal connection and cherished experiences with their property.  I appreciate the effort very much and I think your words will leave a lasting impression with buyers that match up well with your property.  We look forward to connecting y’all at the closing table!”

If you have any questions at all or would like to schedule a private tour of the residence or the entire inventory of homes with land for sale Fairhope AL, please call the sales office of the Jason Will Real Estate at 251-866-6464.


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