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Unleash the Fun at the Fairhope Dog Park

Fairhope Dog Park

The Fall season in Fairhope is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors, including the Fairhope Dog Park! Our standard poodle (lovingly named “Bay” by my daughters) just turned one-year-old recently and as his parent, I still have a lot to learn. For the sake of due diligence I read about dog parks before our first visit. I was pleased to read that studies have shown that there are many benefits to dogs – a few include exercise, social interaction with dogs, and social interaction with humans. So, we decided to try it out. When I arrived at the Fairhope Dog Park for the first time I was immediately impressed with the beautiful grounds. I have passed by dog parks in other cities we’ve visited and they consisted mostly of concrete and mulch. This was not the case in our local Off-leash Dog Park where I found the unique charm found at most outdoor spaces in Fairhope. Tucked away beneath the oaks and pines on Volanta Avenue, this canine playground has become Bay’s favorite place to meet up with his 4-legged friends.

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Dog Parks Fairhope AL

The spacious green park is separated into 2 sections to accommodate and protect both large and small dogs. There are benches, picnic tables, and chairs for those who walk on 2 legs and water stations and waste bags for those who run on 4. There is an open green yard for the sprinters and a shaded, wooded area for the squirrel hunters. True to Fairhope style, park caregivers have made an extra effort to keep the garden looking nice, including beautiful flowers and vines growing around the entrance.

Bay is always excited to arrive at the Fairhope Dog Park and immediately joins in activity with the other dogs. The more timid dogs take their time warming up to the group, but soon they are all running and playing until they collapse exhausted at their owners’ feet.  As I left the dog park on nice, cool evening last week I realized that the articles I’ve read about Dog Parks have overlooked the additional benefits to we humans. By spending time talking with other dog owners that gather at the park, I am becoming a better caregiver to Bay. We are able to share stories and advice about ways to respond to the challenges that arise caring for our 4-legged children. And I figure with all the joy Bay has brought to our home, he deserves a nice play date in the park once in a while.

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