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Downtown Fairhope Summer Living

We’ve all seen it….probably once a day, sometimes more if you’re like me and live on social media (*clears throat…”because of my work”), and we can all agree that the use of “#blessed” is widely used.

I’m going to just throw it out there again, not just because I can, but because I truly feel I am “#blessed” to live in such an amazing place. A place I feel secure and safe to raise children. A place with the most amazing sunsets, it will literally captivate you. A place where you never meet a stranger. A place with the most amazing food and retail shops. A place most people dream of living. A place worth exploring and experiencing. I’m talking about Fairhope, Alabama.

My family and I love “living” in Fairhope. And when I say living I mean really living and experiencing all the city has to offer. A lot of these experiences are FREE!! Whoop! Who doesn’t love that?!

We love taking walks by the bay. Early morning to late at evening, you can’t beat it. Although mid day in the summer can be a bit brutal. So let’s not do that….Not in this Alabama Heat. Our family walks are usually later in the afternoon and we start our walk from Fairhope Avenue. If you love to look at pretty homes like I do, (I definitely chose the right profession as a realtor) then take a walk on Bayview (turn left on Bayview from Fairhope Ave.) It goes around in a big loop. Some of these homes are located on the bluff and are the epitome of #homegoals to me.

I have enjoyed seeing the remodels on this street and even the new builds from start to finish. McCown Design just finished one that will take you breath away. (I need to stop before I can’t talk of anything but pretty homes…I see another blog on this topic alone). Heading back from Bayview, we usually stop at the fountain on the bluff.

This spot is where The Eastern Shore Repertory Theater puts on its plays and this is also the spot for the Pops concerts. It has also been the spot of our yearly Family Christmas Card Picture. Great lighting and the perfect backdrop.

If you want to skip the pretty home tour, you can head straight down Fairhope Avenue to the Fairhope Municipal Pier. If you time it right, you can catch one those glorious sunsets I was talking about earlier. Watch out! They become highly addictive.



Sometimes we even take some wine with us! Drinks with a view!! Win, win. My oldest 2 like to set up their Enos and the younger two like to run around, of course. There are picnic benches to enjoy a meal overlooking the bay, if you remember to pack food. My kids love walking the long pier and seeing what the fresh catch of the day is from all of the pier fishermen.

Some days we go over to beach side of the park and the duck pond. This too is free if you’re a resident. Show your driver’s license if you’re walking in or the city also provides car stickers for your vehicle. Just go to where you pay your utilities and show your car registration and VOILA…free admission. Just take precaution when trying to feed the geese. They may look really cute and sweet, but trust me….they will chase you DOWN! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Fairhope Duck PondFairhope Pier Park

Now that we have added a fur baby to our family, I see more and more walks in our future.

If the walk and the sunset watching work up an appetite, and you didn’t think to pack food or drinks (story of my life), just walk up a few blocks and you’ll find an array of restaurants sure to satisfy any craving you might have at the moment. One of our go to favs for dinner is Dragon Fly Food Bar. #thosetacosthough

I love the fact that we can sit outside, not worry about our attire, and let our kids walk around without getting the evil eye. Let’s face it mamas, we all know it ain’t easy trying to get a 3 year old and a 2 year old to sit still for an entire meal. The atmosphere here is laid back and the service is top notch. They also serve all of my husband’s favorite import beer.

Speaking of beer, did you know that Fairhope has it’s own brewing company. Yep! Right here in our little town! Who’d have thunk it!

Check out the Fairhope Brewing Company. 914 Nichols Avenue. My Husband particularly loves the “I Drink Therefore I Amber”.

We also roast our own coffee! Well, “we” don’t, but Hanson Eskridge does with the help of his “roaster”, Rufus Ducote aka Mr. Coffee, and he does a mighty fine job of it. Check out the Fairhope Roasting Company at 759 Nichols Avenue.

If we are out in town in the morning, we like to eat at Panini Petes. Again, we can sit outside and the kids can play in the French Quarter fountain, although I doubt they’re supposed to. My kids are OBSESSED with the beignets. They are KILLER! Make sure you go on your “cheat” day because they’re are a must!

Sometimes we are out walking and we just want a little treat. Mr. Gene’s Beans is the place to go to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Kid friendly and outside seating. (ok, call me obsessed). A must try here is the Fairhope Float. AMAZEBALLS. Thank me later.

Whatever restaurant you choose, you really can’t go wrong. Your biggest regret will be that you ate too much because it was too good!

If anyone knows me, they also know I love to get my fitness on. (Taking it to the streets by the bay again) you can definitely get your work out in. There are even stairs for those over achievers! I usually take a jog with the double stroller (with the younger two kiddos inside). So if anyone sees me at the end or my jog and I’m going up the big hill from the Fairhope Pier, feel free to stop and help! That double stroller gets pretty heavy toward the end.

Living downtown with kids, I have become a “frequent Fairhope park hopper”. I love Fels Toddlers Park for quick spontaneous outings to get out some energy before naps or before bedtime (kid’s naps, not my own, although sometimes, mamas, we need one…no judging!). If you have more time, Fairhoper’s Community Park is great. My kids love it and we can’t drive past it without George flipping out to go play. If you make a day out of it, pack drinks and lunch and eat under the shaded pavilion area. They even have movie nights in the Summer. Check with the City on the dates. With swings, slides, merry go rounds, a rope climbing sphere, and all kinds of entertainment for all ages, your kids will physically tire before they ever get a chance to be bored. Tired kids = happy mama….am I right? There is even a splash pad to cool off in on these hot Summer days, so don’t forget the towels and swim suits.

Fairhope has so much to offer. Of course the sunsets are probably my favorite and I am blessed to share those with my family on a daily basis. I am grateful to live and work real estate in this amazing downtown area that is rapidly growing and changing.

I know I have probably missed a ton of things that are special to you and your family and what you do on the daily. Drop a comment on what your favorite things to do in the downtown Fairhope area that are free or fairly inexpensive.

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