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Doctor Charles Runels’ Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Truly fascinating interview with Dr. Charles Runels. His father is 82 years old and takes zero prescription medications. Good genes or a commitment to the scientific fact that the body needs stress?

“It has taken centuries to prove what ancient philosophers have known all along, that the human body requires a balance of stress and recovery.” – Dr. Runels

The human experience has evolved from adapting to the various elements of nature to life in a box. We live and work in boxes. The body equates this physically stress free existence to that of being bedridden. In other words, a lack of stress means certain death.

Look no further to the consistent results of ketosis and intermittent fasting. Both are designed to interrupt the digestive patterns of the body. Introducing a “new normal” on a consistent basis, maintains a balance between stress and recovery. We were built to hunt and gather, for fight or flight, not to do life in the confines of boxes.

“We were meant to have frequent episodes that will cause death of persisted, like fasting.” – Dr. Runels

We need to regulate our body temperature, just as we do out food intake. Thus, a contrast path of hot and cold should be incorporated into our weekly routines. For cold therapy, you can immerse yourself in below freezing water or take advantage of your nearby full-body cryotherapy chamber. Hot therapy requires elevating your core temperature up 104 degrees with either a steam shower or a hot bath

Dr. Runels has witnessed life altering physical and mental results from prescribing weekly cryotherapy sessions along with a daily regimen of walking.

“There’s no profit in the science of health, because there’s no drug to sell.” – Dr. Runels

We have a health treatment system not a healthcare system in America. We take pills to mask the side effects of a lack of stress and recovery.

“Every person should be in training to be the superhero to their family.” – Dr. Runels

The path to prescription drug free living:

  • 7 hours of sleep (+\- 1 hr) per night

  • 2-3 cryotherapy sessions per week

  • 2 hot baths per week

  • Run or walk 21 miles per week

  • Fast for 24 hours once a month


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