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Creating Change: Out With The Old

The new year has arrived.  Fresh starts, new ideas, clean sweeps, right?  Right.  It is awesome to plan for new success upon the breaking of a new year but something we should all evaluate are the hidden cycles in our lives that may be slowing us from achieving our goals.  There are so many wonderful outlets for advice and support when it comes to adding new ways of doing things to our agendas.  The self help industry overflows with ebooks, websites, challenges, etc.

Before you step off into a new schedule, a new challenge, or a new idea consider this:  Look at your life as a pie chart.  The pie chart as a whole represents 100% of your life.  Upon the start of a new year that chart will be just as full as it was when your year ended.  In order to create new success in your life it is essential that you create new space on your pie chart.  Instead of just cramming and shoving, it is key to mindfully modify your chart.  Free up space.

Here are some tips on how to prioritize your chart:

Start out by making a list of all of the activities that comprise your days.  Weekdays first and then weekends.  Ask yourself a few questions.  What things, people, activities am I engaging with/in that are not truly serving me or my family?  What of these are serving as “energy vampires” causing me to waste resources with no true return?  Are there any parts of your schedule that are serving as a distraction or a block?  What activities are bearing fruit?  Once you see your life on a list it makes it much easier to notice the parts that are taking up too much of your whole.  Now make some choices.  Decide what you  must remove from your chart.  Many times in creating space we have to make some very tough decisions.  Sometimes it may come down to letting go of activities or hobbies that you really enjoy in order to make room for your new endeavors.  As we all know, growth is very uncomfortable.  Life is very fun and when we’re growing there will always be challenges.  Become more mindful of your whole and make 2018 the best year yet.  Share your New Year success stories by contacting me at, visit, or call me to chat about your goals 251-213-5467.

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