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Crawlspace Medic of Birmingham

Tune in to the Magic City Business podcast, a space dedicated to celebrating the people, systems, and technology behind the top businesses in Birmingham, Alabama. In this episode, host Jason Will chats invites on crawlspace fanatic Aaron Davey to talk about his recent franchise endeavor, Crawlspace Medic of Birmingham. Listen in as they discuss the ins and outs of this decision, the business, and parallels that extend industry lines. Aaron starts off by sharing the story of how he got involved in this franchise, and what catalyzed him forward. Learn about his background with military experience, the deployment to Kuwait, and how these decisions affected his schooling and family. Jason asks Aaron to elaborate on the mystifying nature of the Middle East and culture there, along with his thoughts on entrepreneurship as a whole.

Listen in as he shares about his father in law’s experience with exploring franchises and why the crawlspace industry caught his attention. Shifting attention toward franchises and the crawl space industry, Jason shares what he learned from Marc Randolph. As co-founder of Netflix, Marc’s podcast emphasizes the need for people to look for the next problems, rather than the next big idea. Businesses built on solving problems are ones that will last. Next, Aaron chats about the conditions and difficult components of a crawlspace, as well as the fears and psychological challenges you must have to get over. Working interviews have recently offered Aaron’s company both practical assistance, along with viable data on whether someone would be a good hire for the company. The motivation for continuing on during difficult situations must be driven by the result. Jason also shares his thoughts on how fear and motivation plagues the real estate industry.

As the episode draws to a close, Jason asks Aaron about his role with the company and their place in the overall marketplace of competitors. As an Operating Partner, Aaron wears a ton of hats. They discuss the unique aspect of responsibility that comes with business ownership, along with the reality that the needs of the business don’t stop, even if you are on vacation. Various parallels exist between Jason and Aaron’s two industries, cold calling remains among the top difficulties. How is it to be in such a competitive marketplace? Learn why this is intimidating, but how the big competitors actually help to educate customers. He notes the challenge of building a network from scratch. What sets them apart from the big competitors? Learn about the simplicity of their business model and how solutions are concentrated on a specific issue, rather than products from a system dealer. The tenets of their approach seem to give them an advantage in the industry!

Bottom line, Crawl Space Medic of Birmingham is able to create more practical solutions that are financially more advantageous for customers. Contact Crawlspace Medic at 205-987-2858. Love the show? Subscribe and share with a friend on Apple Podcasts!Want to feature your business on the show? Email us at

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