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Confronting Cancer with Fairhope Local, Lauren Whiteurst

Essential Oils Fairhope
We should never compare our insides to other people’s outsides. On the outside, Lauren appeared to be indestructible. She was the prototypical physical trainer, grinding in the gym with 6-pack abs. Yet, on the inside Lauren was broken. She was broken down by the mental and physical abuse of anorexia, in addition to past traumas that just don’t have a quick fix or prescription to heal.
In 2012, Lauren was introduced to a company called Young Living Essential Oils. She didn’t know it at the time, but this was catalyst to a healthier lifestyle that she believes saved her life, helped her husband recover from his own health issues, and has kept her two children off antibiotics since they were toddlers.
While the oils have greatly improved their quality of life as a family, it was Young Living’s dedication to educating its distributors and customers, that opened Lauren’s eyes to the crossroads that lay before her. She had to take better care of herself, so that she could care for her family.
The resources provided by Young Living created an insatiable student. That student became the example for her friends, family, and her growing sales team. It was that journey that prepared her for a gut-wrenching diagnosis.
For Lauren, cancer was her most recent catalyst. The “Big C” was all the motivation she needed to dive deeper into the science behind disease in the human body. What she found won’t surprise you but her actions to reclaim her health will amaze you.
“When you have a big enough “WHY” anything is possible,” Lauren told me over delicious salads at Warehouse Bakery & Donuts in Fairhope.
Cancer was her “why” to endure 13-months of master cleanses, 13-months of 10-day fasts. All she would consume for 10 straight days was a mixture of water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and a dash of maple syrup. You see, the conclusions of Lauren’s research were clear, cancer survives on sugar and simple carbs. Cancer could be starved.
Lauren was diagnosed with melanoma in 2017. It spread to her lymph nodes and her chest. Today, she is cancer free. She’s believes her remission is the result of self-care, not medical care. She didn’t have surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation to remove the cancer from her body. She simply ate clean, prayed, and fasted.
This is Lauren’s truth and she owns it. Her passion is like a big bright light that hundreds of people now follow toward a much more fulfilling definition of wealth, one of mind, body, and spirit.
You don’t have to believe Lauren’s story, or even agree with her decisions, to learn a great deal from it. This is her journey and she owns every step. All she asks is that you believe that you’re capable of more. You must be more, so you can be prepared to do more when your catalyst comes calling.
***Lauren shares lots of health tips in her private “Keep Calm Oily Group” – You can also check out the website – if your interested in any products.
You don’t have to be interested in buying or being a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils to join her group. All that Lauren asks is that you not be in the downline of another distributor, so that she does not step on the toes of co-worker.

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