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Beautiful Log Cabin with Pool For Sale in Robertsdale Alabama!

Beautiful Log Cabin with Pool For Sale in Robertsdale Alabama!

Get your Smoky Mountain Cabin Feel Right Here in this Beautiful Log Cabin with Pool For Sale in Robertsdale Alabama!

I like to say buying a home is a feeling for the buyer–it’s something that you feel in your heart. The seller of 27860 Goat Cooper Rd. and his family had been house hunting for over a year, and everything they really liked was no closer than North Carolina.  “We liked the log cabin look with big windows and loved the idea of having a stream running through the property, but you just don’t find that here so we had given up on having those things and staying in the area.  We had also thought a pond or a pool would be nice, but never considered finding them all together, and especially not in this area. When we found this house on Zillow it really jumped out at us, especially with the open kitchen/living room as that was a must have for us.  By the time we got half way down the driveway we knew it felt right.  We ended up getting our “cabin” out in the country with our big windows, stream, pond, pool, and a huge yard; and it turned out to be less than 5 miles from family.  To top it off, they were just paving the road!  It was like it was just waiting for us.” The sellers’ top favorite things in this home are the huge windows, large kitchen and the big open yard. “We’ve added the blueberries, fruit trees, and gardens because there’s nothing better than watching your kids grab something straight off the plant and walk off munching with a big smile on their face, knowing it’s never had anything sprayed on it.”
Most of the time the family would find themselves in the kitchen because with 3 kids and a mom who loves to cook, there is always something cooking, baking or being made. Over the years they have made a some improvements to include… “The first thing was putting in a pool fence, since we have little ones.  Next, raised garden beds, then we worked our way to 20 blueberry bushes, fruit trees, and blackberries.  Of course, with that and a pond that would sometimes need filling we put in a 4 inch well with a submersible pump.  Then we cleared more than an acre along the back tree line, to have a bigger yard (which was already plenty big).  By that time, we decided to expand the organic raised beds to over 600 sq. feet. We’ve stayed busy.”
“On the property we loved to garden and with the property being big enough we were able to satisfy our growing ambition. Utilities are great too. $350-$400, but we aren’t exactly conservative.  That’s with the pool pump going 24/7/365, most of the lights on at night, and the A/C set for comfort, not economy.” The hardest part of selling your home is leaving the memories behind. The sellers said “We will definitely miss the neighbors.  When we think about moving we always say the same thing: “We’re going to miss the heck out of our neighbors.”   We’ve made some really good friends, and we couldn’t have asked to have better neighbors…and that goes for everyone down Goat Cooper Road. We cut down trees, had loads of concrete delivered and sitting in the yard for weeks, 10 yards of dirt piled up, burned off a half acre, and no one even mentioned it.  It was like it didn’t happen. It looked like we were struggling moving it, and someone showed up with a backhoe/loader.  And it was a neighbor we had never met because he didn’t want to intrude.  I can’t count how many times I have been offered heavy equipment by one neighbor or another. No one is nosy or intrudes, but checking my mail might turn into 30 minutes of great conversation with a passing neighbor.” But now it is time for the next chapter in their life and they hope this home brings many blessings to the next owners.

Come tour this Beautiful Log Cabin with Pool For Sale in Robertsdale Alabama with the Jason Will Real Estate Team!

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