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Beach Hair Don’t Care? Not So Much…

What is Beach Hair and where can I get some? Apparently if you have it- you no longer have anything to worry about…sign me up!

After relocating to Lower Alabama I thought my chance had finally arrived, with hair on my head and beaches all around I was certain that my life was about to get much more carefree. When people we met learned we were new to Fairhope they were very welcoming and very quick to offer us assistance with finding a church, a doctor, a dentist, a gym, and everyone had an opinion about what college football team we should choose to root for! Nobody knew where I could get some Beach Hair!!Image result for beach hair

You see, what many people don’t realize is that one of the hardest parts of moving to a new town is finding someone you can trust with your hair. Seriously, if you make a mistake choosing any of the other providers, you just pick a new one and move on. If you choose the wrong person to cut your hair you’re gonna be sportin a busted wig and a baseball cap for what will feel like an eternity.

I have known people who would get on a plane and fly “home” to get a haircut or color with the stylist that they have known for years and trust.  That is one expensive haircut and as it turns out not necessary.

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I recently sat down with Emily and Chelsea at The Fairhope Salon and chatted about this conundrum and this is what I learned;

  • You can pop in and ask for a salon tour, check out the amenities and get a sense of the salon vibe.
  • You can schedule a 15 minute consult for $15 and if you choose to schedule a service that $15 is applied to your bill, call it bad haircut insurance!
  • Schedule a shampoo and style and “date” the stylist…genius!
  • Don’t just bring pictures of haircuts you like, bring ones you don’t like too.
  • Do you have curly, straight, short hair? When you call for your initial visit ask for someone who loves to cut your hair type.
  • Don’t be shy about sharing your expectations, if you need someone who can get you in and out in 3o minutes, say so. If your time at the salon is your escape from your crazy reality, then tell them you want your time there to feel like a spa getaway.
  • Last but not least…You are NOT cheating on your stylist if you need to schedule with someone else because they are booked.

The most enlightening part of our conversation was the realization that the stylist you are working with truly does want to meet your expectations but they are not clairvoyant! Crazy right? They spend all that time with their fingers on your head and turns out they have absolutely no mindreading abilities.

I still have not found this elusive Beach Hair or the carefree life that it promises but I did find Emily and The Fairhope Salon and I’m feeling like my chances are pretty good!


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Mark your calendar Saturday 12/9 is a great day to go check out The Fairhope Salon!

323 De La Mare
Fairhope, Alabama
(251) 990-5015







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