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Arlington Farms Fairhope AL Homes For Sale

Arlington Farms Fairhope AL

In the beginning it can be almost overwhelming, with an overexposure of properties coming via several different outlets, from agent web platforms to popular consumer sites like Zillow or  Yet, in the end all you really want is a home that has been well maintained, in a good area and at a fair price.  I am sure you all will be shocked to learn that the Jason Will Real Estate has the perfect property!  This one is a little bit different, because I have spent time inside this home, at the kitchen table and I know the owners well.  They are the kind of folks that would keep everything they own in pristine condition. and if I were in a market for a home, this is absolutely the kind of people I want to buy a home from.

Do you want to know what else I like abut this listing?  Good, cause I am eager to tell you! The location of 307 Knollwood Ave is awesome.  If you are so inclined, you can walk to Wal-mart for a last minute ingredient for supper or walk to Baab Fitness for a killer work-out with one of the best fitness trainers in Fairhope.  Downtown Fairhope is only a few miles to your west, which means sunset strolls along Mobile Bay, quaint stores and some of the best sushi you have ever tasted are all mere minutes away from your front door.

Enough about what I think, I want to share with you the the sellers perspective on life at their home in Arlington Farms Fairhope AL.  If after reading the details of our discussion, you find yourself inspired to take a closer look, then by all means call the sales office of the Jason Will Real Estate Team at 251-866-6464 or send the Listing Agent an email to


JWRE: “Why this home?  Out of all the ones you and your husband looked at, why this one?”

Seller: “The house is on a mound. It was one of the last to be built in this neighborhood, and the square footage was huge for the price. It being just outside the main downtown portion of Fairhope also made it especially a bargain tax and insurance wise. The neighborhood is incredibly safe, and there is a deputy Sherrif who lives here and presides over the homeowners association. His presence makes the neighborhood feel especially safe and comfortable. The wide-open community spaces are very well-kept and lend added beauty to the subdivision.” 


JWRE: “Where schools a factor at all in the decision making process?”

Seller: “No, as we don’t have kids, but our neighbor who works in Mobile actually chose to live here because of the excellent schools for their kids!”


JWRE: “No that you have owned it for a while, what do you love most about it?”

Seller: “Some people might love hardwood, but we love our cozy carpet that we keep very well maintained through a non-chemical carbonation cleaning company here locally, especially in the winter on cold feet! The open floor plan, wide door frames and arches and 10 foot ceilings offer an even more spacious feel. The fact that we live at the end of a road and the shared community property borders our yard give us the” quietest neighbors we’ve ever had” on that side. Not that the other neighbors aren’t quiet, though. They have all been so wonderful and nice, and we know everyone on our whole block. The view out the window is spectacular on both the west and north sides. On the east, a field sits and trees border in the distance for bird watching and observing seasons. Out the large living room and kitchen windows, cedar trees for privacy that were planted right when we moved in have grown beautifully to 30 feet tall, and two long rows of crepe myrtles line the gravel road behind the fence, offering a spectacular view of the most delightful looking white and pink blooms all summer long. I think our house and the neighbors are especially unique that we have this view.”

Arlington Farms Fairhope Alabama

JWRE: “Wow that is some pretty awesome info for prospective Fairhope homebuyers out there but what do you think the new owners might appreciate most?”

Seller: “Definitely, the young age of the home, and the fact that it is so well-kept. Also, this neighborhood will do nothing but increase in value, with it’s close proximity to all the essentials, like Wal-mart. If I ever run out of something while making dinner, I fear not! Also, my husband and I neat freaks, and if it breaks, we fix it immediately, though there hasn’t been much to break.”


JWRE: “Speaking of breaking stuff, have you invested any money into the home in terms of upgrades or repairs?”

Seller: “There are both advantages and disadvantages to living on a mound. When it rains heavily, you don’t have to worry about the water reaching up to the doors in the house, not even in the 100 and 500 year floods we had this past spring made it to the doors. But it also makes for tough soil, run-off and brown patches in the yard. I have worked painstakingly for the past 4 years to improve the grass, fill in spots with soil pull weeds and replace sod in dead spots, and I have watched the fruits of my labor flourish. The back yard is now one solid patch of beautiful green grass, and we have picked all weeds by hand and not used chemical weed killers and fertilizers. We hope that the next people to move into the property can really enjoy the vast stretch of green in the back yard thanks to our efforts.”

Arlington Farms Fairhope AL Homes

JWRE: “What are your favorite living spaces in the home?”

Seller: “We have created a cozy and intimate reading “nook” by the gorgeous living room window behind our main couch where we spend time sitting and chatting and reading in the evenings. Also, due to the large eat-in kitchen, we found that we weren’t using our dining room much, and so we have turned it into a library and office. That is the side of the house that borders the field which makes a particularly peaceful and conveniently open work or reading space to the rest of the house. The enclave on the back porch has been especially lovely on Saturday mornings for a cozy read, even during a drizzle. And the fireplace is perfect during holidays or cold winter evenings. It has never been lit with a real log, only electric, so in that way it has been preserved and is still like new.”

Fairhope AL Homes

JWRE: “Is there anything fun that y’all like to do close to home?”

Seller: “We bike, and swim and work out at the great  and relatively new Fairhope Recreation facility.  We also utilize the tennis courts at Stimson Field, just a few miles away, and enjoy their new fit-trail facility that was recently featured on the news. They also very recently extended the sidewalks to the edge of our neighborhood from downtown, so now biking the entire two miles to town makes a fun and healthy weekend outing.”


JWRE: “I realize this is a sensitive subject, yet I gotta ask because it is what the mind of the buyer craves most.  Why are you guys moving and what will you miss most about life in Fairhope?”

Seller: “My husband has enrolled in graduate school at Spring Hill College and we have decided to relocate to Mobile in order for him to be closer to campus.  In terms of what we will miss most, gosh I am not sure where to begin. I truly love the wide-open spaces, nice neighbors, happy children, and living so close to Wal-Mart. Fairhope is just such a cute place to live, with so much to do like First-Friday Art Walks, Fairhope Festivals, Local Markets including The Fairhope Market and Chase Corte’s local grocery ordering service right around the corner on HW 181 near the Old HW 27 Grill, the Fairhope Pier at sunset, and the lovely farmland with the burrows that line 104 as you head towards town in your car. You can really imagine you’re in Tuscany sometimes with the rolling hills and beautiful farmland in this part of Baldwin County.”

JWRE:  “Wow, such incredible information.  Thank you so much for sharing!”


If you would like more info on this great buy in Arlington Farms subdivision Fairhope AL, simply call the sales office of Jason Will Real Estate at 251-866-6464!

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