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Alabama Beach Condo Buying Guide

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Purchasing a condo in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is always exciting but it can also be an emotional roller coaster unless you understand all the nuances involved with purchasing a condo in our part of the country. While condos are found all over the United States there are some very unique circumstances to consider when purchasing along the Alabama Gulf coast.

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Over the course of my condo buying guide blog series I will discuss in detail several aspects that are crucial to understand before selecting the appropriate investment, as well as protecting your interests via expressed language included in a written purchase agreement.  Below is the complete list of topics that will be covered.  If you have questions about buying condos in Baldwin County, AL, please free to send an email to

  • Home Owners Associations: Understanding how HOA’s work within condo complexes on the coast, what the HOA fees cover, understand insurance and special assessments,  and why it’s very important to understand how HOA’s play into the loan process.
  • Property Management and Rental Management Companies: What their roles are, how they engage with owners/complexes, and understanding rental management commissions.
  • First Home, Second Home, or Investment Properties: How are property taxes within Baldwin County affected? How does it affect the mortgage you are applying for?
  • Long Term Rentals, Short Term Rentals, and Rent Restricted Condominium Developments: Understanding the difference between each of them. Gain a basic understanding of short term rental investment opportunities and how that should factor into purchasing decision. And what does it mean when you see a condo that is listed as a non-rental?
  • Condo Lending: Why some complexes require only 10% down while others might be 25%, 30%, or all cash only buys. Why it is so important to understand how HOA financials play into the mortgage and underwriting process and how getting involved with a local lender before you even go to your first showing might save you a tremendous amount of time.
  • Insurance: Learn some of the basic tenants associated with buying a coastal property. How insurance for a condo complex is handled differently than non-condo properties.  Why you might need flood insurance if you are on the 5th floor of a condo tower? What is the Alabama Condominium Act of 1991?
  • Condo amenities: Understanding your own needs and possible renter needs when purchasing. This will include a discussion on pet friendly mindsets as it relates to owner only, owner and renter allowed, and no pets for either owner or renter.
  • Condos with boat slips: Learn the difference between deeded slips, rental slips, and first come/first serve.

Mike Bates is a residential gulf beach real estate specialist with Jason Will Real Estate and can be reached direct on his cell at 214-274-6860

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