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Kelley Helms

Kelley Helms: Visionary Real Estate Leader and Partner at JK Realty Group (JWRE)

I am Kelley Helms—a passionate real estate agent and proud Co-Partner of JK Realty Group at JWRE, where my mission is to empower and uplift my team to unparalleled success. Born and raised in the heart of Gadsden and now I call Hoover home, I bring a unique blend of Southern charm and dynamic leadership to the real estate landscape.

In addition to navigating the exciting world of real estate, I am a proud parent of three and the fiancée of Brandon Sheffield, the visionary behind Stryker Services LLC.Together, we are a power couple committed to excellence in both business and family life. Balancing the demands of family life with the dynamic nature of the property market, I've mastered the art of resilience and adaptability. My journey from a 13-year teaching career, I seamlessly transitioned into real estate, becoming a top-producing agent for JWRE. The fast-paced realm of real estate is a testament to my passion for growth and excellence.

As Co-Partner at JK Realty Group, my commitment goes beyond transactions—I thrive when my agents thrive. I believe in fostering a culture of success, where collaboration and support are the cornerstones of our achievements. A hardworking visionary, I understand that communication is the heartbeat of real estate. Your time matters, and I respond promptly because your goals are my top priority.

Beyond the boardroom, you'll find me exploring the world, reveling in the magic of Disney, cherishing moments with loved ones, and finding solace in the embrace of my church community. I approach every aspect of life, from business to personal, with unwavering dedication and a genuine passion for making dreams come true.

I approach every client relationship with dedication and a genuine desire to exceed expectations, because I don't just work for you—I work with you to achieve your real estate aspirations. Let's embark on this exciting journey together, where every transaction is not just a deal but a key to the door of a new chapter in your story.

Currently working on obtaining my real estate broker license.

Awards & Designations

Top Selling Ross Bridge Real Estate Specialist!

Kelley Helms
Greater Birmingham Realtor®
BluePrint Realty Company
1974 Chandalar Drive, Suite E
Pelham AL 35214

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