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A Great Blue Heron Alabama

Blue Heron Alabama

The Great Blue Heron is a most fascinating coastal creature.

I often watch amazed, as they peer down the tip of their long beaks,

Like a sharp rifle barrel pointed and ready to fire at unassuming prey,

Often small fish surveying the sandy bottom for a meal of their own.


The Blue Heron is a fisherman by trade, yet their stoic posture and

Watchful eye, make it seam as if they are uniformed soldiers of nature.

My mind often drifts to a reality where these birds exist to watch

Over the hierarchy of coastal life, as unwavering as the passing tide.


The inherit discipline of the Blue Heron captivates the imagination.

Required to hunt for survival, patience exists as more of an instinct

Than virtue, one that my species was destined to lose with evolution.

In this game of life, the end of days is certain in the absence of victory.


What I know of the Great Blue Heron is what it teaches me each time

Our paths cross, on a vacant pier or wadding through shallow water.

I am reminded of my respect for its unwavering methods and the

Simple elegance of its form, neatly feathered and keenly statuesque.